For our fourth 天博体育ios interview we talked with Holger Menze. 他分享了自己在需要咨询的领域工作的经验. 霍尔德从他的个人经验告诉我们,为什么咨询对筹款很重要.

Can you briefly say something about yourself?

我是一个典型的职业转变者,在进入非营利部门之前,我曾是一名古典芭蕾舞演员. 我从商业电话营销开始,很快转向电话筹款. 我在这个领域努力工作,自2009年起担任FRC Spenden Manufaktur GmbH的董事总经理.

What does consulting mean to you?

对我来说,咨询意味着让我的客户以最好的方式实现他们的愿景和执行他们的使命. There are two main important aspects in consultancy for me: Often, 咨询师在客户缺乏或不发达的领域拥有专业知识. Additionally, 对于组织的工作方式,外界的看法总是暴露出他们缺乏制度化的准备. 咨询的艺术就是引导你的客户自己去发现他们的不足, so they won’t put the blame on you.


Mostly I’m hired for my expertise. 在德国,电话筹款仍然是一个小众市场,在这个领域了解这方面知识的人并不多. There is a lot of insecurity due to the data-privacy regulations, 因为电话和互联网的使用属于电子隐私条例,这还没有准备好,目前的草案在这一点上与日常实践有很大的不同.

What has been your biggest success as a consultant?

To my knowledge, I co-introduced legacy calling in the German market. For some odd reason, Spenden Manufaktur是唯一的电话筹款机构,在奥地利也做遗产电话. 此外,我还是质量圈电话筹款的主席,该组织介绍了电话筹款的质量标准,至今仍然有效.

Would you like to share something that did not succeed?

我们曾经尝试过一种“会员换会员”的方式,这种方式在美国和荷兰都很有效. It required a little investment (ca. 8000欧元),我们承诺,如果失败,我们将接管投资. And it failed big time. 我们仍然成功地将其转化为组织的成功,因为我们为他们召集了其他几个活动,并且在损失的投资得到回报之前不收取服务费用.

What type of organizations are your main clients?

大多数组织都有良好的机构准备,筹款已经建立. Telephone-fundraising can be a tool by itself, but can also be combined with mailings or F2F-campaigns.

 What did you learn from the Corona pandemic?

Strangely enough, 在大流行时期组织是否应该要求资金存在道德上的担忧, especially on the phone, and even more specifically about legacy campaigns. Meanwhile, it’s very clear that the opposite is true; people have been at home a lot being emotional and wanting to help. As for the un-ethicalness: If you think fundraising is unethical in a pandemic, 你可能想要检查你的使命和愿景,直到你进入了错误的职业. The Corona pandemic clearly helped to raise momentum for telephone fundraising.

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